7 Foolproof Fall Cocktails

In our last recipe post, we shared 7 Simple Cocktails to Welcome Fall. Although in New York, the weather is only cool enough to wear a jacket in the early mornings, we've officially kicked off the Fall season.

Fall also marks the release of our seasonal flavor, Mulling Spices . This festive mix is a blend of freshly-brewed chai spices, cranberry and apple, and is the perfect way to warm up during the increasingly chilly days.

These 6 delicious cocktails are the perfect way to make a foolproof, Fall cocktail at home.

1. Fall Spritz


- 1 part Champagne

- 1 part Mulling Spices(Chai Spices, Cranberry and Apple)

- 1 part champagne

- Cinnamon sticks


- Combine Mulling Spices and champagne into a glass and stir gently. Garnish with a Cinnamon stick

2. London Sour

ingredients: - 1oz Citrus Sweet Tea (organic English Breakfast Tea, Lemon and Lime)

- 2oz London Dry Gin

- 1oz Simple Syrup

- 1 Egg White


- Add all ingredients to a shaking tin and dry shake (no ice) for 10 seconds to create the foam from the egg white.

- Add ice to your tin and shake again. Fine strain into a glass over ice

- Garnish with a thin lemon slice resting on top of the foam.

3. Mulled Bourbon


- 2 parts Mulling Spices (Chai Spices, Cranberry and Apple)

- 1 part bourbon

- Garnish with a rosemary twig


- Combine Mulling Spices and bourbon in a glass and shake. Garnish with a rosemary twig.