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Women's Awakening of Giving by Diane Bergner

I feel lucky! I’ve worn several satisfying professional hats: Attorney in New York City, Director of Public Interest Research at a law school, and most recently, Chief Fundraiser for twenty-five years at an acclaimed performing arts center in Palm Beach. Through my experiences, I’m keenly aware of the pivotal role women play in philanthropy and giving back to their communities by contributing their time, expertise, and money to causes that are dear to their heart. I’ve had the privilege to work with impressive women, helping them discover their own values and how they can make a meaningful impact in their community. They make the world a better place.


As a seasoned veteran, I’ve become an observer of trends. Women donors, especially those who are of high net-worth through their own hard-earned money are now the key drivers when it comes to giving. What I’ve seen is that philanthropy is more collaborative. Sure, the beautiful galas and events are a critical part of the social fabric, and can be great fun. But today, there’s a huge shift. Women donors are now taking tremendous efforts to identify the charities that are most meaningful to them, and intent on committing to causes that touch their heartstrings. 


I call this an “awakening of giving”. A diverse group of women are finding their long-term commitment to giving truly transformational. The great news is how many women are drawn to the timely causes of gender equality and sustainable development.


We thank these women for making a difference!


On a personal note, philanthropy and women are at the heart of my debut novel, Royal Coconut Beach Lunch Club. The book is part romance, part mystery, and shines a spotlight on giving. My characters have exciting careers. They support and help navigate one another’s personal and professional lives. The importance of the notion of women supporting women in this world – on the written page – is very meaningful to me, and done in the spirit of sisterhood.


March, Women’s History Month is the perfect opportunity to celebrate and toast all these great women, while we sip Owl’s Tea Boozy Brew  together. Cheers!!!!


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Colby Adkins
Colby Adkins
21 hours ago

Personally, I believe that women and philanthropy are the central themes of my first book, Royal Coconut Beach Lunch Club. Dordle


Lamb Herman
Lamb Herman
a day ago

we have to be more willing to “go there” and believe that over time these conversations will get easier and more open. It’s a process. snow rider 3d

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