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“Just when I thought I could brew the best cuppa tea, Owl’s Brew added booze. Now we can have healthy, herbs and botanicals with a boozy kick!!”  

- Jeannie Mai



Jeannie Mai joined the Owl's Brew team as Chief Brand Officer (and we couldn't be more excited!).

Jeannie stumbled across Owl’s Brew at her local Whole Foods while on a mission to find a boozy beverage that wasn’t chock-full of artificial sweeteners and flavorings. Jeannie was instantly hooked and became a fan of Boozy Tea’s refreshing flavor, and the benefits from its organic, antioxidant-rich ingredients.

“I found my love for tea at an early age. Growing up, I learned how to brew my own concoctions of herbs and leaves when I was under the weather. I’m an avid tea drinker, but I had never experienced anything like Owl’s Brew before. It’s delicious—and doesn’t taste artificial, unlike most canned adult drinks,” said Jeannie Mai. “I started researching the brand and was so excited to see that it was female-founded. I immediately reached out to the co-founders to get involved. I am so thrilled about joining the company and partnering with Jennie and Maria.”

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Instagram Live with Jeannie, Jennie & Maria

Jeannie on Access Hollywood 

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Jeannie chats with Jennie & Maria about all things tea, business and being female founders. 

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