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WWC Spotlight Series: Beck Dorey-Stein

Updated: Nov 2, 2021

Through the Wise Women Collective, we spotlight women whom we admire and who inspire.

Meet Beck Dorey-Stein, best-selling author of Rock the Boat, the second book within our #BoozyBookClub summer series!

OB: Proudest accomplishment?

B: Writing a novel!

OB: What was a recent challenge you overcame?

B: Writing a novel! I've found the lousy truth about proudest accomplishments is that they often require -- and are inextricably linked to -- overcoming challenges.

OB: Was there anything in particular that inspired you to write Rock the Boat?

B: Several years ago, my parents discovered their plumber was using the spare key to hang out in their beach house during the off season, which in real life is a bummer but is gold for a novel. I pocketed that plot point because it had the potential to be so meaty. Like New Jersey, Ziggy the plumber in Rock the Boat is an underdog -- and I will always root for the (complicated but sympathetic) underdog!

OB: An interesting aspect of your novel is the relationship that exists between adult children and their parents. In particular, Ziggy’s mom, Bev and Miles’ mom, Jo. Can you describe how you created the mothers?

B: Several of my close friends became mothers as I was writing Rock the Boat, and I had a front-row seat to see and hear how they were navigating not only a newborn but also a new identity. I think it's easy and human to compare ourselves to our peers, and that doesn't dissipate as we age, so I saw Bev and Jo as two women with divergent strengths who, even with adult kids, continue to struggle to figure out what's next for themselves and how to do right by their children.

OB: What’s next? Are you working on another novel to follow this one?

B: Yes! Another novel is officially in the works but it will not take place in Sea Point. I love that town and this cast of characters, but I'm equally excited as I get to know the family I'm focusing on now.

OB: We talk a lot about women supporting women. Who have been your biggest cheerleaders and your support system?

B: In addition to handling -- let's call them, generously -- my idiosyncrasies -- my mom and my sister both read and edited early drafts of Rock the Boat. I've been lucky enough to hold on to a handful of friends from every chapter of my life, and most recently, I've found strength in a couple of writers who can relate to the ups and downs of spending all day in your own head.

OB: The Boozy Tea you recommend sipping while reading Rock the Boat ???

B: First of all, you can't go wrong. Second of all, I took a variety of Boozy Teas to the beach and couldn't believe how even after a few hours in the sun -- and far from ice cold -- they're still really good!!! But as far as the one I recommend for reading Rock the Boat, I'd have to go with the English Breakfast, Lemon & Lime (the yellow label!)

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