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Recipe Round-up: Valentine's Day Edition

Love is in the air! Whether you're celebrating Valentine's or Galentine's Day this year, enjoy some of these beautifully delicious cocktails with your loved ones (or your sweats).

This week's 'Recipe Round-up' includes 5 of our favorite festive cocktails featuring our very own Strawberry Manhattan (Darjeeling Tea, Hibiscus, Strawberry) and Watermelon Margarita (White Tea, Watermelon, Raspberry), as well as our Darjeeling & Hibiscus Boozy Tea!

Owl always love you,

The Owl's Brew Crew

1. Tea-Quila Crush

Step aside tequila sunrise. The Tea-quila Crush is our new favorite drink.


- 3oz Strawberry Manhattan (Organic Darjeeling, Hibiscus, Strawberry)

- 1 1/2oz Tequila Fresh berries


Muddle raspberries & strawberries in a shaker. Add Strawberry Manhattan mixer and tequila. Shake and serve over crushed ice.

2. White Tea, Blackberry Spritz

A perfect bubbly sipper! Not too sweet and a perfectly tart from the blackberries.


- Equal parts Watermelon Margarita (White Tea, Watermelon, Raspberry)

and Champagne/Prosecco

- 6 Fresh blackberries

________________ We suggest making this one in a shaker with a strainer. Chill the mixer and Champagne. Add blackberries to the shaker and muddle. Pour in Watermelon Margarita and shake to mix with the puree. Pour into a glass and top with Champagne.

3. Sparkling Berry-Cosmo


- 2oz Strawberry Manhattan (Darjeeling Tea, Strawberry and Hibiscus)

- 2oz Champagne

- 1oz Vodka

- Garnish with strawberry and fresh thyme


- Mix Strawberry Manhattan and Vodka in a glass with ice. Top with champagne, and garnish with berries and thyme sprigs.

4. The Strawberry Manhattan


- 3oz Strawberry Manhattan (Darjeeling Tea, Strawberry and Hibiscus)

- 1.5 oz Bourbon - Fresh lime wheels and watermelon for garnish


- Combine Strawberry Manhattan and bourbon in a glass with ice. Stir until cold.

- Strain into a coup glass and garnish with a strawberry or orange slice

5. Hibiscus Spritz

Calling all bubbly lovers. This delicious spritz is juicy and fresh, and the most beautiful color.


- 3 parts Boozy Tea Pink (Darjeeling & Hibiscus Flowers)

- 1 part Champagne or Prosecco

- Garnish with Fresh Strawberry (You can also muddle in Strawberries)


Pour Boozy Tea and Champagne into a glass over ice. Swirl to mix. Garnish with a fresh strawberry. This can also be served chilled (and not over ice).


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