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DIY Flower (or Herb!) Ice Cubes

Feeling like a fancy cocktail? Everything is better with a flower in it! We love this easy, DIY hack for beautiful and Insta-worthy cocktails.

It's a fun activity and super easy to do in your kitchen.

You'll need:

Edible Flowers (or herbs!)

Ice Cube Tray



You can sometimes find edible flowers in your local grocery store or order online. We'd suggest specifically getting "edible flowers" as you definitely don't want to sip on any pesticides!

Gourmet Sweet Botanicals has a great selection of flowers that you can order online here, or try Etsy

You can also freeze some herbs, if that's more your style! Swap the flowers for some basil, thyme, mint, rosemary, cilantro, etc!

Ice Cube Tray

The larger silicone trays (like this one) are definitely a little easier and tend to melt slower, but any ice cube tray will work!


Distilled or filtered water is a bit better, as it will be clearer, but if you don't feel like boiling water and letting it cool or you don't have filtered water, they will still be pretty with tap water!

How To

  1. Add your flowers (or herbs) to each of the cubes and fill half way with water

  2. Place in freezer and let sit until mostly frozen

  3. Remove from freezer and fill up the remainder of the way

  4. Freeze again!

  5. Crack and serve!

Just a note, if you don't want to wait for the double freezing, you can do it all in one go. The double freezing will ensure the flower stays in the middle of the ice cube (as opposed to floating to the top), but if you'd rather not wait, fill the cubes all the way up with water!



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