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8 of our Favorite Living Room Workouts

Updated: May 11, 2020

Our living rooms are seeing a lot of action these days. They are offices, conference rooms, the backdrop of Zoom calls (not to mention all your co-workers now know what your living room looks like), they are the chill out rooms, bars, and yes...for many of us they are also our gyms.

We've learned a few things over the last two months about at-home workouts. First, they are really freaking hard! Second, you don't need too many props to be very sore. Third, you have no excuse not to move for a few minutes every day, because you are already in your workout/lounge wear. Yes, we know. We all are.

We've put together a list of our favorite at-home workouts that can be done in your living room, in your bedroom, or maybe if you are lucky, in your yard.

What: One of the most loved barre classes in NYC, goes online!

Props: Yoga Mat or Towel. You don't need additional props for some of the classes, and others you'll need light weights, a ball and a chair (for your barre).

Fee: They offer a monthly subscription for $24.99/Month.

Physique57 has on demand classes that are anywhere from 15 minutes to 60 minutes, and regardless of the time, you will burn it out! They are designed to be done at home, so you really don't need much more space than your yoga mat.

What: A blend of yoga, cardio and intervals

Props: Yoga Mat

Fee: Free Two Week Trial, and then $14.99/Month

These are amazing and SO HARD. You'll get your sweat on with a little bit of everything. You will want to scream in the middle of some of the intervals (in the best way), and you will feel incredible when it's over. This is Maria (our co-founder's) favorite class, so she highly recommends! Heidi Kristoffer (the creator) has an app called CrossFlow Yoga, which you can download on the app store. You can listen to our interview with her here as well. Photo Credit: @heidikristoffer

What: Yoga Class

Props: Yoga Mat

Fee: Free

These are great 20 - 40 minute yoga classes that stream on YouTube. You'll get some time to chill out, breathe and get your flow on. Adriene has different classes for different things, so you can pick whatever you need in that moment (maybe you need an energy boost, or maybe you need some hip openers). Photo Credit @adrienelouise

What: Full body workout class that blends cardio, sculpt and stretch

Props: Yoga Mat, Light Weights, Resistance Band and Sliders (all optional!)

Fee: Weekly Classes on IG Live ($19.99/month, $34.99/month all-access)

You'll get a little bit of everything from the 40 minute classes streamed on IG Live. Full body, sculpt, cardio & abs, as well as mini-blasts throughout the week. Did we mention they are really hard?

What: Barre Class

Props: Yoga Mat, Light Weights, Ball (for most classes)

Fee: 15 Day Free Trial ($29/Month after)

They have the best music at Barre3! Their classes are challenging and up beat, and you will burn it out. They have 10 to 60 minute classes, and some require props and others do not. They also have "crunch time" workouts, for when you want to get in a good sweat but don't have too much time. You'll definitely feel these the next day. Photo Credit: @barre3

What: 10 Minute AB Workout

Props: Mat (No Additional Equipment)

Fee: Free

A super hard 10 minute AB blast! If you've only got 10 minutes, you won't regret this. Any you'll be reminded about those 10 minutes the next day.

What: A wide variety of workouts!

Props: TBD on workout

Fee: She is offering her App Workouts on YouTube for free every week (or you can subscribe to her App)

A wide variety of workouts: HIIT, Pilates, kettlebell, step bench, strength training, toning, mobility, and more. Her workouts are great - we love the resistance ones, especially for the living room. You can also do some of her HIIT classes (just slightly modified, so you don't crash into anything!).

What: Cardio Dance/Strength

Props: No props, or Yoga Mat, Free Weights

Fee: Rates vary from $5.95 to $39.95 for a bundle

Dance it out! We all feel better after busting some moves. Amanda's classes are up beat, fun, and go by so quickly. They make working out fun. They are also super challenging and you'll definitely break a sweat. So what could be better? Photo Cred:

So, with that said, get off your computers and go move!


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Sep 07, 2023

These living room workouts are not only efficient but also such a space-saver! It's fantastic to see how you can keep fit without needing a gym membership or extra room. Plus, a well-maintained physique could be just the confidence boost one needs when it's time to sell your home and meet potential buyers!

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