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12 Non-TV Activities for your Quarantine

Updated: Apr 10, 2020

Have you seen the meme "I finished Netflix"? Funny, but also it's becoming a little too real for us.

There is nothing more important than the health and safety of our fellow Americans right now, and social distancing is here for awhile longer. So, when you're TV'd out, or you've indeed finished Netflix, we polled our team for their favorite Non-TV (at-home) activities.

1. Virtual Happy Hour

Grab your friends and get on Zoom (or FaceTime, WhatsApp, etc). It's actually really fun (we tested it), and it's a great way to have a cocktail or two, with some of your favorite people. For cocktail inspiration, check our our Healthy-ish Cocktail Recipes.

This is Jennie and Maria's favorite game, and in our opinion it's highly underrated. Play with your fellow quaratin-ers, or get some friends on Zoom. We promise it will get a bit heated and pretty loud, but it will be a great distraction. If you don't have Pictionary, Heads Up is a great alternative and you can all download it as an App.

You can also try a virtual game night on Houseparty. You can play Heads Up, Trivia and Pictionary in the app!

3. Read a Book!

We've rounded up our current reading list here. It's a little bit of everything!

4. Get Your Flow On!

Put down a mat, a towel, or stand on your rug. You'll feel like a new person after class. Here are a few of our favorite online yoga classes right now:

Heidi Kristoffer (She's offering a free 2 week trial of her App, and it's so good!) . You can listen to our interview with her here as well.

Peloton (Free 90 Day Trial)

Modo Yoga (Live Streaming Yoga Classes, donation based)

Megan McFerran (Live Streaming 40min Classes everyday at 10am)

ClassPass (Variety of online classes from yoga to barre to HIIT. You do need to be a member though)

And, if you need a block, we hear 6pks do the trick ;)

5. Bake

It's somehow very relaxing and can take your mind off of everything for a little while. Plus, life is always better with a little treat (and your house will smell amazing!).

6. Make Plans

Whoever you are with, set up date night or a girls/guys night! Do it in person, or do it with on FaceTime. It's nice to feel like you have plans again, and some sense of normalcy. Maybe even get a little dressed up? It feels good to get out of those leggings and sweats!

7. Puzzles

Puzzles are somehow very calming, and always a nice activity to unwind (maybe with a drink). Try these!

8. Fibbage!

Fibbage is an interactive online game, where players try to trick their friends by submitting wrong answers to a variety of crazy, obscure trivia questions, news stories and fun facts. The best part - your phone is the controller! Play virtually with friends, or with your quarantine crew.

9. Any Crime Junkies out there?

If you are, we highly recommend the Crime Junkie podcast. It's hosted by two awesome ladies, who are also great story tellers, although the content is definitely a little disturbing, so listeners beware.

If crime isn't you thing, you can also catch up on all things over at Owl's Brew on Lemons & Lemonade.

10. Spring Cleaning!

Get rid of those things that don't "Spark Joy!" We dove into our closets this weekend and really felt like a new person afterwards. Plus, there is something about a clean house/apartment that makes everything a little better.

11. Make a Playlist

Put together a playlist with the 20 songs that bring you joy and share it with your friends and family.

12. Become a Viral Star

But really, has there ever been a better time to work on your TikTok moves? Tag us @theowlsbrew if you do.

Photo credit for this post in order: @marialienne, @jmloomer, @_meghhhan_

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