7 Spritz Recipes You Can Make at Home

Updated: Jul 31, 2020

The Spritz is synonymous with summer. There is really nothing better than a happy hour with some sunshine and an ice cold Spritz.

We've put together 7 of our favorite (easy!) Spritz recipes, all made with tea of course. We take our Spritz-ing seriously, and we know you'll enjoy them. Cin cin!

1. White Tea Aperol Spritz

A delicious spin on a traditional Aperol Spritz. This one is a little lighter with some floral notes from the tea and watermelon. It's perfectly refreshing.

- 3 parts Boozy Tea Green (White Tea, Watermelon, Raspberry)

- 1 part Aperol

- Garnish with Orange Slice

Pour Boozy Tea and Aperol into a glass over ice. Swirl to mix. Garnish!