More about Natural Flavors

We think the lack of transparency in the food & beverage industry freaking stinks. Here are some illuminating articles.

"The loophole, as it were, is that for nonorganic foods, the regulations do not restrict the dozens of other ingredients like preservatives and solvents that can go into a so-called natural flavor."

Beaver Anal Glands, Boiled Beetles and Rodent Hair are among the ingredients mentioned on this list.

“The FDA has no formal definition of the term ‘natural.’ Most likely, the chemical compounds added to your food have been processed enough to no longer be products of the earth (it’s not blueberry puree in your natural blueberry flavoring).” 

"In the food and cosmetics industries, the term “all natural” is poorly regulated, so manufacturers may use it even when their products are full of chemicals and preservatives — not at all what we think of as natural."

 “Natural and artificial flavors are the exact same molecules...Nutritionally, there is no difference between them."

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