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Photo by @h_collective

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Organic Tea & Botanicals  |  100% Real Ingredients | Sometimes Spiked

Owl’s Brew is a hand-crafted line of fresh-brewed organic teas and botanicals.  Our product lines are Boozy Tea, a spiked and sparkling beverage, and Mixer, tea-based cocktail mixers.



Organic Tea & Botanicals 

100% Real

Boozy (4.6% Alc/Vol) & Bubbly

Sold in 6-Pack Cans

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Organic Tea & Botanicals 

100% Real

Add your own booze! 

Sold in 16oz & 32oz bottles

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100% Real

As tea experts, we were over the fake taste of beverages made with “natural flavors” (natural flavors are made in a laboratory, not in nature!).  


How could a seltzer flavored from actual raspberries be perfectly clear?


We all deserve better!  We hand-craft all of our products from organic tea and botanicals and 100% real ingredients.


It all started with the benefits of tea.    Jennie’s dad was sick, and she was on the hunt for the best, antioxidant rich, ingredients she could find.   Research led her to tea and botanicals.

Jennie began blending and brewing her own tea blends, and became enamored with not just antioxidants, but with tea's endless flavors, and myriad of benefits.

At the time, Jennie and Maria worked together at a marketing firm (which called for a lot of long hours and cocktails with clients).   With Jennie's tea know-how, together they began thinking about cocktails….why were the only options flavorless (vodka soda, splash of grapefruit) or super sugary?   Why not make cocktails from tea and botanicals?    A few projects in the kitchen later, and they were both hooked.

For two years, they hosted tea cocktail parties together to understand if other people wanted to drink the way they wanted to — with more good stuff, less sugar, more flavor, less juice.  It turned out they did.


So that’s the story from just a few years back…two babies (Jennie), one wedding (Maria’s) and many SKUs later, here we are.


Drink Wise, Live Well, Celebrate.

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