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Badass Women in Booze

This Labor Day, we're spotlighting a few of our favorite badass working women, who are at the helm of some seriously awesome boozy businesses. So here's to them!

As you are making your long weekend menus, try adding one of these rockstar products to the mix.

1. Gem & Bolt Mezcal

Gem & Bolt was founded by AdrinAdrina & Elliott Coon. Their delicious and unique mezcal is distilled with organic Damiana, which is a super-herb adaptogen. Gem & Bolt is also clean and free of any additives. & makes a mean cocktail (which we can say from experience).

Photo credit: @gemandbolt

2. Pomp & Whimsy

Pomp and Whimsey Gin Liqueur was founded by Nicola Nice. Pomp & Whimsy is just as whimsical as the name. It's a wonderful spin on the modern day gin -- that's almost liqueur like. Pomp & Whimsey is infused and re-distilled with a select blend of 16 natural and whole botanicals, including juniper, coriander, grapefruit, orange, lychee, cucumber and jasmine pearls. Sip it by itself, or use one of our mixers. We love it with the Citrus Sweet Tea!

3. RAMONA Wine

RAMONA was founded by Jordan Salcito, a certified sommelier. RAMONA is a line of organic wine and spritzes. We couldn't agree more with their mission to make clean and delicious beverages, and next time you are in the mood for some wine OTG, you should definitely grab a RAMONA!

Photo Credit: @drinkramona

4. Casa Dragones

They take their tequila seriously, to say the least. Co-founded by Bertha González Nieves (who is also the CEO), she's been referred to as the "First Lady of Tequila" and is the first female Maestra Tequilera. How badass is that?! But seriously, their product is terrific, and we highly recommend.

5. Uncle Nearest

This brand was co-founded by Fawn Weaver, after she stumbled upon an article that told the story of a slave and master distiller, Nearest Green, who was also credited with teaching Jack Daniel the art of whiskey making. The liquid is delicious -- and did we mention it also wins all the awards? Sip it by itself or add a splash of Strawberry Manhattan!

Photo Credit: @unclenearest

5. Minibar Delivery

Wondering how to get all these delicious beverages? That's where Lindsey Andrews & Lara Crystal come in. They founded Minibar, an awesome alcohol delivery app that brings your beverages straight to your door. Forgot something? They've got you covered!

Whatever you do decide to sip on, remember to #DrinkWise, and have Happy Labor Day Weekend!

Plus, here is a link to all our favorite Owl's Brew Cocktails for the long weekend.


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