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Why We Say, "Drink Wise"

Updated: Oct 14, 2021

“Natural” flavors are good for me, right?? Why wouldn’t a hard tea seltzer be free of animal byproducts??? What are parabens anyways?

We asked these very same questions ourselves and we found the truth to be a bit, umm, unnerving.

What started as a love for tea (and a realization that it makes a really delicious base for cocktails and boozy beverages) started us down a path we had no idea we’d end up on.

As we learned more about the benefits of tea - all good stuff - we also found ourselves learning more and more about the not so good stuff found in canned bevvies. When we dug into the ingredient list of most ready-to-drink alcoholic beverages out there, we realized what we thought to be a “better for you” product, was actually full of crap.

For instance - raspberry natural flavors aren’t made from raspberries, and raspberry “flavor” can even come from the anal glands of beavers – YIKES!!!!

Natural Flavors are made in a lab, not in nature.

And that is why we created Owl’s Brew Boozy Tea. We all deserve better and we don’t have to drink something full of all that junk. Owl’s Brew Boozy Tea is a delicious, refreshing, alcoholic beverage made with only whole real ingredients. Which means drinkers can know that Boozy Tea contains:





Our ingredients are clean, simple and have benefits. And that our friends, is why the (wise) Owl is our logo, and why we say, Drink Wise 🦉


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