Turn your Cans into Cocktails: Boozy Tea 3 Ways

Three easy and delicious Sparkling Tea Cocktails, that only require two ingredients and a garnish.

A fresh spin on a champagne cocktail, we're using our Boozy Teas as a bubbly base for all these cocktails.

Our Boozy Teas are made from organic fresh-brewed tea, lightly sweetened with real fruit juice and cane sugar, and are spiked, and sparkling. A full can is 4.8% ABV, and 120 calories/can - and each can yields two or three cocktails! Share the good, or be prepared for round 2.

1. Sparkling Hibiscus Vodka

A light and fresh cocktail. Perfect for spring!

3 parts Boozy Tea Pink (Darjeeling, Hibiscus, Strawberry)

1 part vodka

Fresh strawberry for garnish

Add all ingredients into a glass, swirl and serve over ice. Garnish with a fresh strawberry.