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The Best Booze at Every Price

Buying liquor can be confusing. Which ones are worth it? Is this one a good value? What should I buy when I want something in the middle? It's hard to decide what to buy, when.

We've put together a list of our favorite bargains, everyday purchases and splurge-worthy booze.

Gin Good Value

Dorothy Parker New York Gin (~ $30/bottle)

This gin is delicious in a cocktail or on it's own. It's made with dried hibiscus and elderberries, with notes of citrus. Dorothy Parker is made by NY Distilling Co., and named after the poet Dorothy Parker.


Hendricks (~ $45/bottle)

Probably one of the most famous gins, Hendrick's does not disappoint. Made in Scotland, Hendrick's uses cucumber and rose petal, which gives it (a delicious) and unique flavor, and certainly aided in its status as a fan favorite.


Monkey 47 (~$75/bottle)

It's been said that this is one of the best gins available. Monkey 47 is made by Black Forrest Distillers, and uses 47 different botanicals. It's complex, with notes of juniper and botanicals. If you are looking for a splurge, this will do the trick.

Tequila Good Value

Espolon (~$25/bottle)

This tequila has become a go-to for many bartenders, and for good reason. It's perfect for shaking up in cocktails, has a smooth taste and an accessible price point. It's also won a whole bunch of awards. What's not to love?


Casamigos (~$45/bottle)

The team behind Casamigos set out to make the best tasting and smoothest tequila in the world. They wanted something to whichyou didn't need to add salt or lime (don't worry - you still can!). Casamigos is a great mid-level option, especially if you are sipping on the rocks.


Don Julio 1942 Anejo (~$150/bottle)

Don Julio 1942 Anejo is aged for two and a half years, and it's flavor is described as warm oak and vanilla, with roasted agave flavors. If you're sipping for something special, this tequila is a stand-out. It's almost a bit more like a whiskey than a traditional tequila.

Whiskey/Bourbon Good Value

Bulleit Bourbon (~$36/bottle)

Bulleit Bourbon is one of our go-tos for cocktails or straight sipping. It's a great middle of the road option. Bulleit is made in Kentucky at the Kirin Brewing Company. Bulleit has a high rye content and is aged for six years. It's a great product for the price.


High West Campfire (~$65/bottle)

Based in Park City, Utah, High West is designed to warm you up. And if you ask the team, they'll say it tastes best around a campfire as well. The Campfire Whiskey is a blend of scotch, bourbon and rye whiskeys. It's peated (smoky), and delicious to sip on or can be a unique addition to a cocktail. Penicillin anyone?


Elmer T. Lee (~$300/bottle)

There are a lot of really amazing bourbons that are splurge-worthy, and by all means if you can get your hands on a bottle of Pappy, go for it. But for today, we're all about Elmer T. Lee Bourbon. Names after the Master Distiller, this whiskey is hand selected and perfectly balanced. With notes of clove, vanilla and old leather, it has a long warm finish that's worthy of celebrating with.


Good Value

Tito's Handmade Vodka (~$20/bottle)

It's no surprise that Tito's made our list. This brand is consistent and delicious and a great value for it's price. Titos is made in Texas in old-fashioned pot stills, and is our go-to for cocktails.


Ketel One (~$33/bottle)

Ketel One is just as advertised, clean and smooth. It's great in a martini or a more flavorful cocktail. Ketel is made in alembic copper pot stills, and distilled from wheat. It's rested in tanks for 6 weeks after distillation as well, which helps any impurities disappear.


Barr Hill Vodka (~$60/bottle)

Made in Vermont, this is a unique and delicious vodka. Barr Hill Vodka is fermented in raw honey for three weeks, which gives it this very unique floral aroma. It's great for a special cocktail, or a dry martini.


Good Value

Goslings (~$22/bottle)

What you think of when you when you think of a Dark & Stormy rum. It's exactly what you'll want if you are adding in some lime and ginger beer.


Mount Gay (~$25/bottle)

Made in Barbados, Mount Gay is a blend of rums that are aged from 2-7 years, and has been produced by the distillery since 1910. There are notes of fruit and vanilla, and it's perfect for cocktails (or baking!).


Appleton Estate 21yr Rum (~$150/bottle)

This Appleton blend is made from rums that are aged for at least 21 years. They are blended together and then aged again for a year. This has flavors of vanilla, butterscotch and a bit of spice. It's a perfect sipping rum.

Pricing may vary by state. Happy Sipping!

The Owl's Brew Crew


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Jul 02

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For budget-friendly options, go for Evan Williams Black Label Bourbon. It's smooth, versatile, and won't break the bank. In the mid-range, I love Glenlivet 12 Year Old Scotch – it's got a great balance of flavors. If you're splurging, the Macallan 18 Year Old is phenomenal; its rich, complex taste is worth every penny. For wine lovers, Yellow Tail Shiraz is a solid choice for the price, while Château Margaux is a top pick for a special occasion. Cheers!

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