Reflection Before Celebration.

At Owl’s Brew, where we embrace and celebrate Wise Women everywhere, Mother’s Day 2021 is significant not only as a celebration but as a tribute to what mothers have endured these past fourteen months.

In order to keep our children safe this past year, mothers with young children became childcare providers and teachers as their daughters and sons adjusted to online schooling. For those mothers who have been working remotely with school age children at home, the challenges of everyone being under one roof have been myriad.

Articles like Mothers All Over Are Losing It, America’s Mothers are in Crisis (New York Times), Mom’s home, she’ll do it! (Chicago Tribune), and The Case for Reopening Schools (WSJ), all highlight the decisions and pressures for mothers that have accumulated this past year. Being a mother during a pandemic has meant navigating uncharted, complicated and emotional territory. Some mothers are working from home, others have been furloughed, or fired. Many have put their own careers on hold in order to be caregivers. As these articles highlight, while the year has been tough on many, it has been incredibly hard for Moms.

On Mother’s Day, we intend to embrace the tradition of giving flowers and praise. At Owl's Brew, we are mothers, daughters, sisters, wives, husbands, sons, and brothers ourselves.

However, in the days leading up to Mother's Day, we recognize that this year has been unprecedented and brutal, for all humans, and for mothers in particular.