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Mix It Up: Strawberry Manhattan 6 Ways

Updated: Jul 29, 2020

At-home cocktails far too often fall into three main categories: the lackluster 'vodka-soda-splash- cran', confusing craft-cocktails that call for an assortment of random (sometimes expensive!) ingredients, or the dreaded single use store-bought cocktail mixer.

At Owl's Brew, we believe that there should be an easier way to make a variety of cocktails, easily. Each of our tea-based cocktail-mixers are versatile, and can be made into a wide assortment of cocktails and mocktails, depending on your mood, preferences or occasion.

In this 'Mix It Up!', we're shaking our Strawberry Manhattan 6 ways. Cheers!

1. The Strawberry Manhattan


- 3oz Strawberry Manhattan (Darjeeling Tea, Strawberry and Hibiscus)

- 1.5 oz Bourbon - Fresh lime wheels and watermelon for garnish


- Combine Strawberry Manhattan and bourbon in a glass with ice. Stir until cold.

- Strain into a coup glass and garnish with a strawberry or orange slice

2. Vodka Berry- Smash


- 3oz Strawberry Manhattan(Darjeeling Tea, Strawberry and Hibiscus)

- 1.5 oz Vodka

- Fresh berries and mint

- Seltzer to top


- Muddle berries in a glass. Add Strawberry Manhattan and vodka, and stir. Fill glass with ice (crushed ice is preferable!).

- Top with seltzer, garnish with fresh berries and mint sprigs

3. Hibiscus Sangria


- 1, 16oz bottle Strawberry Manhattan (Darjeeling Tea, Strawberry and Hibiscus)

- 1 750ml bottle pinot noir, or light red

- Sliced lemons, berries and mint


- Mix Strawberry Manhattan and wine in a pitcher. Add assorted berries and lemon slices. Let sit in the refrigerator for 1-4 hours.

- When ready to serve, pour sangria into a fresh glass with berries. Add ice if desired.

4. Hibiscus Margarita


- 2oz Strawberry Manhattan (Darjeeling, Hibiscus, Strawberry)

- 1oz Tequila

Squeeze of fresh lime


- Combine Strawberry Manhattan, tequila and lime juice in a shaker with ice, and shake.

-Strain into glass with fresh ice, and garnish with additional lime wheels.

5. Sparkling Berry-Cosmo

- 2oz Strawberry Manhattan (Darjeeling Tea, Strawberry and Hibiscus)

- 2oz Champagne

- 1oz Vodka

- Garnish with strawberry and fresh thyme


- Mix Strawberry Manhattan and Vodka in a glass with ice. Top with champagne, and garnish with berries and thyme sprigs.

6. Darjeeling Peach-Tea (Mocktail)


- 1 Part Strawberry Manhattan (Darjeeling Tea, Strawberry and Hibiscus)

- 1/2 part peach juice, or half of a fresh peach, muddled

-1 part Seltzer water (to top)

- Fresh lemon juice, to taste


- If using fresh peaches- Gently muddle fresh peach in a glass. Add lemon juice and Strawberry Manhattan.

- If using peach juice- combine peach juice, Strawberry Manhattan and lemon juice in a glass and stir.

- Fill glass with ice, and top with seltzer. Stir and garnish with peach slices or lemon wheel.


6. Strawberry Spritz Popsicle

- Equal Parts Strawberry Manhattan (Darjeeling, Hibiscus, Strawberry) and Prosecco

- Fresh strawberries (sliced)

- Popsicle Mold

Divide your Strawberry slices between your molds (2-3 per mold). Then fill halfway with Strawberry Manhattan, and top with Prosecco. Freeze overnight.

Drink Wise & Enjoy!

The Owl's Brew Crew



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