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Lighten Up Your At-Home Happy Hour: 7 Cocktails Under 90 Calories

Updated: Jul 31, 2020

Our at-home Happy Hours have become a moment (or an hour or two) of joy for many of us over the past two months. We schedule zooms for them, make fancy cocktails, and kick back.

Sometimes traditional cocktails can feel quite heavy and sugary though, so we've put together 7 cocktails that are all under 90 calories, made with 100% real ingredients, and most importantly, are super delicious. No "too sweet" drinks or blah vodka sodas here!

Bonus, they are all fool-proof. You really can't go wrong. Happy At-Home-Happy-Houring!

1. Margari-tea

A perfectly balanced and tart Margarita, made with English Breakfast, Lemon and Lime.

- 2oz Citrus Sweet Tea (English Breakfast Tea, Lemon, Lime)

- 1oz Tequila

- Squeeze of Fresh Lime Juice

- Garnish with Lime Wedge

Pour all ingredients into a glass over ice. Swirl to mix (our use a shaker). Garnish with Lime Wedge.