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Do's & Don'ts for Making Cocktails at Home

Many of us are shaking up cocktails at home these days, so we've put together some quick tips and tricks to step up your at-home cocktail game!

You can make those fancy cocktails in your kitchen, with just need a few simple items. Happy cocktailing!


  1. Have Fun!

  2. Make your cocktail feel special. With just a little something extra, you can really take it up a notch. If you are using a pre-made mixer (you genius!) try muddling in some fresh fruit, or adding a squeeze of citrus or a mint sprig. 

  3. Invest in a few easy tools. You can see our full post here for our at-home bar essentials, but you can get pretty far with a shaker, a jigger and kitchen knife (for garnishes). This set with a shaker, jigger (and bonus spoon!), is a great start.

  4. Use good ice. We love the big cubes (as they melt slower, and make your cocktails last longer!). We love something like this. Ice is always better if you use filtered water to make it as well (as it will be nice and clear!).

  5. Glassware. This is up to you, but there is something fancy feeling about drinking your cocktails from the traditional glasses. A martini just tastes a little better in a martini glass!

  6. Speaking of Martinis, do invest in good olives! We love Castelvetrano, and you can even put them on a cute reusable garnish stick. We like these, but there are tons of options!

  7. Do stick your glasses in the freezer for any cocktails you are making up!

  8. Garnish it! A simple berry stick (maybe raspberries and blueberries), a slice of citrus, or some herbs (we love basil and mint), can really add a little pizazz to your drinks.