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Breast Cancer Awareness: The More You Know

Updated: Oct 15, 2020

Knowledge is power.

At Owl’s Brew, we have three core beliefs: Drink Wise, Live Well, Celebrate.   Empowering people to make informed and smarter choices is at the core of our company.

In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, we’ve teamed up with Keep A Breast Foundation to share their tips, resources and information to support breast cancer prevention and early detection. Their mission is to empower young people around the world with breast health education and support.

KAB believes that early detection is the key and prevention is the cure, here are some resources from them on that!

First, Download the App

Early detection is key. Keep A Breast has just launched a new app, designed to help you get to know what is “normal” for your body. The Keep A Breast App focuses on information, support and access.

Learn about the impact of Environmental Factors

An alarming amount of cases are likely linked to lifestyle and environmental factors (perhaps up to 90%). Keep A Breast has put together some of the environmental factors that could increase your risk. Click the links to learn more.

Exercise is an easy way to keep your body healthy, boost your immune system, lower your risk level.

Read your labels - these chemicals can be hidden in food, or in beauty products.

Keep A Breast also encourages us to stay aware of all risk factors.

This simple ingredient can be code for hundreds of chemicals, as it is not regulated by the FDA. Lots of beauty products will have a "clean" label that includes fragrance, and all the bad stuff is hidden there. Scary, right?

5. Long-Term Stress

It's hard to relax these days when we're all constantly connected...but it's a good reminder to us all that it's important to take some time to chill out. Stress can have a long term effect on your body!

Finally, for more information, visit, and download their app.

The more you know,

The Owl's Brew Crew


About Keep A Breast

The Keep A Breast Foundation is a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit breast cancer organization with a mission to empower young people all over the world with breast health education and support. For ,ore information or to donate, visit

*All information in this post has been provided by Keep A Breast.



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