5 Easy Summer Sangrias

Sangria has a mixed reputation, but we're on a mission to fix that! The summery wine is adored by some, and passed over by others whose previous encounters are limited to sugar-filled, hangover inducing concoctions (nothing good has ever come from peach schnapps!).

We have put together a list of our favorite sangria recipes, each using one of our tea-based cocktail mixers. Each of the mixers are packed with flavor, to easily add layers of delicious complexity to the sangrias. And the best part? Our mixers are low in sugar, and made form 100% real ingredients, for a clean and low calorie option, without sacrificing flavor.


1. Strawberry Darjeeling Sangria

ingredients: - 1, 16oz bottle Strawberry Manhattan (organic Darjeeling Tea, strawberry and hibiscus)

- 1, 750ml bottle Pinot or a light red wine

- 1 large orange, sliced. Plus more for garnish


- Add orange slices, Strawberry Manhattan and wine to a pitcher and stir gently. Place in the refrigerator and let sit for 1-3 hours.

- When ready to serve, pour over ice and garnish with additional orange slices if desired. Enjoy!