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Women's Voices for the Earth has been raising voices and working to ensure safe products, healthy people and a healthy planet for almost three decades!  

Our founders started Owl's Brew because they couldn't find a great-tasting boozy beverage made with only clean ingredients.   We all deserve to know (and love!) what we are putting into our bodies.


Over the years, the more we have learned about the toxic chemicals that are hidden in everyday items, the more we have been motivated to shine a light on these issues.  WVE's mission includes taking a stand against ​toxic chemicals lurking in the products we consume, the products we clean with, the products we put on our bodies --  and the impact that these harmful chemicals can have on ​our health and on ​the health of our incredible planet.

Through supporting WVE’s initiatives, this year we’ll help to:


Push back against harmful corporate and institutional practices that impact us all and disproportionately harm the health of Indigenous, Black and Brown communities, young people, and lower-income communities who often bear the brunt of toxic exposures, pollution, and poisoning.


Support workers' rights and health as we continue to navigate the impacts people face from toxic chemicals in the workplace.


Amplify the intimate connections between the production, distribution, use, and disposal of products and the health of our communities and climate.


Support the future of the environmental health movement, by training and resourcing high-school and college-aged activists through our leadership development program.


Release a new report on the ingredients used in period care products and hold corporations accountable for their transparency policies and safety practices.

For more information on Women's Voices for the Earth and how to get involved, please visit 

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