Halloween isn't Cancelled!

It's certainly a different kind of Halloween in quarantine, but you can still celebrate this spook-tacular holiday, safely.

We've put together a list of our favorite hocus pocus for a memorable Halloween.

Make some spooky drinks

A themed cocktail can really get you in the mood. Some easy tricks like adding dry ice, garnishing with "blood" orange, or mixing it up with charcoal lemonade or a black sugar rim, can take your cocktail from every-day to spook-tacular. Here are our favorite Halloween cocktails to shake up!

Make a boo-tiful playlist

& crank it up! You can monster mash, ghostbust, and maybe even be a little sweet and a little psycho. If you don't feel like making your own playlist, Spotify can always help out. Try out this one, or this one.

Try and rank your Halloween Candy

Everyone over here has a lot of opinions on their favorite Halloween candies. Is there one candy that reigns supreme? Have everyone in your group try and rank their favorites. It's a surefire way to drum up some opinionated (and tasty) conversations!