Real is always worth it

(but it's not always the easiest path)

When we started out, it took us almost a year to find a co-packer that would fresh-brew tea for Owl’s Brew. We were directed by EVERYONE to Flavor Houses, as an easier way to make our product. Flavor Houses are labs that specialize in recreating real ingredients, through flavoring. 
Why were we directed to Flavor Houses? Because that was the way everyone else did it. And even though we were a new beverage company, with a tea expert at our helm (ie, we knew how to make and brew our stuff exactly the way we wanted) the industry wanted us to get in line. They wanted us to have an “easy”, "cheaper" and “consistent” product. And the industry didn’t care too much about what we cared about (real ingredients delivering great benefits to humans that sipped our stuff).
Once we learned what “natural flavoring” meant, we said NO to Flavor Houses. We stuck to our vision, even though it was very challenging to execute.  A day doesn’t go by where someone doesn’t suggest that we switch to flavors to make Owl’s Brew “cheaper”. Guess what?  We say no. 

The future of food and beverage is whole, real ingredients. We believe that we all deserve the freedom to celebrate with delicious beverages that are crafted with care and made with 100% real ingredients. 

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