Why Owl's Brew? 

Owl’s Brew was founded by tea experts Jennie Ripps and Maria Littlefield.  We make our beverages the right way (or some might say the old fashioned way), with good ingredients and slow processes, because we believe that you’ll have more fun if you know you’re celebrating with a drink that tastes awesome, and is made how you would want it to be made.


At Owl’s Brew we carefully craft products with simple, real, ingredients, using traditional methods in order to deliver robust, delicious flavors, that deliver maximum benefits.  Our products are fresh-brewed from 100% real organic tea and botanicals. We steep our tea in large kettles, think your morning cuppa tea x 100. Our products are finished off with a splash of real fruit juice, dash of real cane sugar and an acid to preserve if needed (i.e. citric acid (from lemons) and malic acid (from apples).  Some are also spiked.


Why do we say Drink Wise? Well, because we’re obsessed with process and fresh-brewing all our teas, and when you do that, all the benefits associated with tea and botanicals are preserved.  Tea is rich in antioxidants, has a high concentration of the polyphenol ECGC, and contains vitamin C, vitamin B, and trace minerals.    We can’t say the same for big beverage brands who use “flavors”.  See more on Natural Flavors here.  


We are dedicated to making our products in the best way possible, to deliver the most delicious flavors and the maximum benefits. We promise that we will never compromise on flavor, ingredients, or process, because we all deserve to celebrate with a drink that is crafted with care and made with 100% real ingredients.

At Owl’s Brew, we believe in Enlightened Celebration.   

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Drink Wise, Live Well, Celebrate,

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