Owl's Brew Mixer FAQ


What are Owl’s Brew Mixers?

Each Owl’s Brew mixer is made from freshly-brewed organic tea and botanicals, real fruit juice and a dash of cane sugar.  We don’t use artificial or natural flavorings of any kind.   All our mixers are designed to be paired with your favorite spirit or made into a mocktail.


How long do Owl’s Brew mixers last?

Each bottle has an expiration date printed above the label on the black bottle. Mixers are shelf stable and last around 1 year unopened when stored in a cool, dry place.  Once opened, our mixers should be refrigerated and they will last for 2 weeks.  

What do they taste like?

Each of our non-alcoholic tea-based mixers are made from different teas and botanicals, and have a variety of different flavor profiles.  With flavors like: Watermelon Margarita (white tea, watermelon and pomegranate), Chai Pina Colada (chai tea, pineapple and coconut), and Strawberry Manhattan (Darjeeling tea, strawberry and hibiscus), each of our mixer flavors are a unique twist on popular cocktails.

What do I Mix Owl’s Brew Mixers with?

The possibilities are endless! Each mixer pairs with a variety of spirits with recommendations that are listed on the bottle. Our mixers can also be mixed with seltzer to create mocktails, or low-ABV cocktails . Check our our recipes section for some inspiration!


How do I create a cocktail or mocktail using Owl’s Brew Mixer?

We recommend mixing two-parts mixer with one-part liquor of your choice. However, playing around with proportions to get your drink just right is encouraged!  These rules apply to bigger portions, allowing you to easily batch a pitcher of cocktails. 

Are Owl’s Brew Mixers Gluten Free and Vegan?

Yes— all of our mixers are gluten free and vegan!


Why real ingredients and not natural flavors?

We believe people deserve to drink real ingredients.   Did you ever wonder how a beverage flavored from actual raspberries could be perfectly clear? Or why those naturally flavored drinks seem to have a chemical aftertaste?
Everywhere we looked, labels were proudly trumpeting their use of “natural flavors”.   
As tea experts, we knew that naturally flavored beverages didn’t look right. We knew they didn’t taste right.  But our spidey sense wasn’t quite enough.  But what was going on, and what were those flavors - exactly? We knew we had to educate ourselves.   So: we did a little digging and we're calling bulls**t.   Keep on reading to learn about what we’ve discovered


Do Owl’s Brew Mixers contain alcohol?

No, our mixers are completely non-alcoholic.

Still have a question? Please feel free to send us email to us at hoot@theowlsbrew.com.

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