It’s important to us that we articulate and celebrate what it means to us to be a female-founded company.

As a female-led organization, we have the opportunity and privilege to build a team that doesn’t look (or even think) like the traditional beverage team.  In our industry only 4% of women are CEOs, brewmasters or salespeople.   While we applaud initiatives around diversity, we also believe that in order to have more insight, more impact, and more inclusion, there needs to be more diversified leadership.

We recognize that succeeding as a woman (and often as a mother) is more difficult than succeeding as a man.  We are cognizant that as female leaders, we have a voice that matters.  Because of this, we prioritize being part of women-led communities.  We cheer for other female founders.  And we mentor young women as they contemplate their professional futures.  Because a more balanced world is better for everyone. 

At Owl’s Brew we use the term “Wise Women” to signify who we are, the community we support, and the love and care with which we craft our products.   There is a rich history of Wise Women as knowledgeable healers who are integral within their communities.   Although we are a modern brand in a modern world, we respect the lore and traditions of plants and food as powerful and healing.  Our choice of ingredients speaks to the wise women in all of us, and we honor people by honoring ingredients and quality.  

As female founders, we celebrate our customers, our team, our community, our fellow female founders, future generations, and each other.  We invite you to raise a glass to the strong brilliant inspiring ladies in your life — we will do the same.


A letter from our Founders:

Wise Women