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Little Black Cocktail Kit

ID No. GOB-0001-C

Trio of Owl's Brew Tea-Based Craft Cocktail Mixers



The Owl's Brew Little Black Cocktail Kit is the perfect present for all of your gifting needs! Great for the at home-entertainer, mixology master, bride-to-be, and more!

Each Owl's Brew Little Black Cocktail kit contains three 8oz tea-based cocktail mixers: The Classic, Pink & Black, and Coco-Lada. Our tea-based cocktail mixers are easy to use and super versatile; simply choose your liquor and mix two parts booze to one part Owl's Brew. Our mixers can also be paired with wine, beer or champagne!


The Classic: A blend of English Breakfast and lemon peel, lemon juice, lime juice, citric acid, ascorbic acid, agave.

Pink & Black: A blend of darjeeling, hibiscus and lemon peel, with strawberry juice, lemon juice, agave, citric acid, ascorbic acid

Coco-Lada: A blend of black tea, coconut, chai spices, agave, pineapple juice concentrate, coconut water, citric acid

Pair with

Spirits, Beer, Wine or Champagne!

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