Boozy Tea FAQs

Q. What is in Boozy Tea?

A. Boozy Tea is made from fresh-brewed organic tea, a splash of fruit juice, a dash of cane sugar and spiked to 4.8% ALC/Vol.  We use 100% real ingredients.  Boozy Tea is Gluten Free and Vegan. 

Q. Where can I find Boozy Tea? 

A. Boozy Tea is sold along the East Coast and in Arizona and California (for now!).  Head to our Find It page for more information. 

Q. Is Boozy Tea Gluten Free?  Was it always Gluten Free?
As of 2020, Boozy Tea is Gluten Free.    Our previous product was not Gluten Free. All our GF products have clear labeling on the packaging and can.


Q. What is the % of ABV?

A. Boozy Tea is 4.8% ABV.  


Q. What is it spiked with?

A. Boozy Tea is spiked with a brewed sugar base. 


Q. How many calories does it have?

A. Each flavor has 110 - 120 calories per 12 oz can.   Please note, this information is only applicable if printed on the can and package. 


Q. How should I store Boozy Tea?

A. We recommend keeping it in the refrigerator or chilled, especially in the summer months!

Q. What type of sugar is used to sweeten?  And what is the sugar count?

A. Boozy Tea is sweetened with fruit juice and a dash of cane sugar.  You can find full nutrition panels by clicking the cans here. 



Q.  Does it have any caffeine?

A.  The Boozy Teas have a small amount of naturally occurring caffeine from the fresh-brewed organic tea. 

  • Green contains 16MG/Can, about 1/6 the caffeine in an 8oz cup of coffee. 

  • Pink contains under 2MG/Can.

  • Yellow contains under 10MG/Can. 

  • Matcha contains under 10MG/Can


Q.  Is it vegan?

A.  Yes! All Boozy Teas are vegan. 



Q.  Is it kosher?

A.   No, Boozy Tea is not kosher (although we do brew it from kosher certified tea leaves!).



Q. Where does the color come from? 

A.  We use 100% real ingredients, so all the colors are from the brewed tea and fruit juices.  

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